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Speed of Time

I suck at blogging. I seriously do. I mean what’s putting a few thoughts into writing right? And to think, I can blog from my phone, which I’m doing right now. 2010 is about to pass by and I still suck at maintaining a real damn blog which was my goal of the year. Though in all seriousness, this year has been hella fast. I thought 2009 was fast, 2010 was crazy fast. I don’t even wanna begin to wonder how fast next year will be.

We’ve made a few purchases in terms of gadgets in the past few months. My dad bought an iPad (wifi only) which I’m mostly using when stuck in traffic for movies, episodes and eBooks and my mom recently got a Canon 500D/Rebel T2i which I absolutely cannot wait to use frequently. While I think photography is a natural talent (yes I do), I’m gonna get myself into it and really learn it.

Speaking of gadgets I cannot wait to make my Christmas wishlist. Although I don’t usually get most of them it’s always fun to make one. That will be reserved for another post anyway, plus my year end lists which I never fail to make!

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