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Christmas Wishlist!

It’s that time of the year again, when it’s happy and merry and you receive a lot of gifts. Last weekend was marked the very first Christmas-themed dinner I took part in and got my first Christmas loot as well. I pretty much received everything I liked. Wallets (I LOVE WALLETS), money, accessories and clothes but that was just the beginning. I can’t wait to receive more so here I am constructing a Christmas wishlist. As I’ve said I don’t always get all of them each year but the joy of making a list is fun enough for me already.. so let’s start!

More film for my Instax

It’s a need that keeps on coming up and the more films stocked up the better!

50mm lens for the 550D

I’m still a noob but it would be really great to get a good set of 50mm portrait lens for the camera. I love shooting portrait and it sucks when you don’t have the right lens for it right?

2PM Hottest DVD from Japan

I’ve been a fan of 2PM for a year now and getting this DVD would definitely be gem in my sea of 2PM collection. The only thing is that it costs a great TON because it’s from Japan and it’s a known fact that anything Japanese is overpriced. This DVD right here costs bout 8,000 Japanese Yen which is almost a hundred US dollars. It would be such an unreasonable purchase at this time. I have other priorities so I would accept this as a donation =P

Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Leather bag collection

A girl can never have too many bags, wallets, shoes or belts and this is what I’ve been eying on. Forget the Chanel, the LVs and the ones I can’t afford (YET) but this one at the $300 range seems pretty reasonable.

Records and a vinyl player

Ever since I saw the Wolfgang Amadeus Vinyl a few months ago I’ve been drooling over it but how was I supposed to get it if I didn’t have a vinyl player? We have an awesome gramophone at home but that too is broken. If I have time I wanna hunt for a good working player in a garage sale somewhere so I can get all the records that I want.

Other things that I would be happy to receive anyway and don’t necessarily need photos:

  • gift vouchers
  • make-up
  • accessories
  • stationery (I’m a sucker for these!)
  • a donation under my name
  • subscription for something I would like
  • trip to Bali

Finally, intangible wishes that I would like for this season:

  • happiness, health & wealth for my family and loved ones (especially for my mom who has been doing soooo well on her recovery)
  • set goals for myself
  • someone special (intangible for now haha)

I just had to add the last one okay. If I have more I won’t be hesitant to add them at all. For now this is what I want. Christmas is always something I look forward to and even though I won’t be home like I was last year, what matters is that I’m still spending it with family and friends whom I haven’t seen in quite a while and I am majorly stoked for it. So for everyone celebrating this holiday I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great New Year to come!


  1. Wow, that’s a long wishlist. I haven’t exactly been frugal all year, so I don’t even have a wishlist… I’m too scared to think about all the materialistic things i want but can’t attain this holiday season, I’m afraid!

    I think the only thing i’ve been frugal with, actually is my instax film, haha. And that 50mm f1.8 lens you want is the lens that i call my baby. It’s my money maker, and it was so cheap and worth it! If you don’t receive it for Christmas, I still highly recommend that you buy it.

  2. I want a record player too. I have a couple of vinyls here and I can’t play them. I have no idea where to get a good record player here in the PH.

    Merry Christmas, Justine. 😀

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