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Happy New Year!

I’m five days late in posting a new year greeting but it’s not too late until the month ends =P My holidays were nicely spent. It wasn’t the greatest, but it certainly wasn’t a bad one at all. My friends from the Philippines and Australia and the US all came back so there were lots of reunions and good old hangouts, basically just everyone getting together again after a while. I wanted to make an photo entry about all the December events but being the lazy photo uploader that I am I’ll probably have to prioritize that for another time. The downside is of course all the holiday weight you put on, that’s why I’ve been keeping track of my workouts rather than doing it on my own time, time for improvement right? I don’t really want to say change because I can’t simply rely on “change” anymore, rather it’s better to go through a phase which results in change, and in my case, improvement. I’m starting to NOT make sense now, haha.

I’m not expecting much for 2011 because I want it to surprise me. 2010 was the year I graduated, got my first job (though temporary) and finished that job. I started the year with a new employment and I hope it will be good to me. 2011 and beyond is basically the unknown.. where I will learn more things not only from myself but also the world. I will try and grow and hope it won’t be a rough one for me. In case it gets rough, I hope I’ll come out just fine. Hmm, seems like I have a lot of hopes for the future (don’t we?).


  1. I really hope 2011 would outclass 2010 in almost every level, well, except for anything that is bad and traumatic. It’s so scary to think of the future, mainly, because no one can predict exactly what would happen. But that’s fine, if we’ll know what the future holds for us, then, the excitement for what is in store would die.

    Happy MMXI to you, Justine! Cheers!

  2. I had no idea that you have a new blog until now! Followed link on your yummeh site… so now I’m here. OK, NOTED, I will change all your links in my blog.

    Anyway, just visiting the people listed on my Gravatar Commenters Wall and saying hello! Belated Happy New Year! 🙂

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