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Body Clock Blues

Like many of you out there, I too, have a love/hate relationship with my body clock. Particularly this week, things didn’t start out so nice. I’ve been droopy all day since yesterday plus it’s my third week in the new office and I’m still not used to the 7:30am time in. Wack! I actually wake up at the same time even with my previous job but this office is much nearer so I don’t really have time to steal sleep in the car anymore whereas on my way to the old office I would get stuck for about 2-3 hours on the road coz of highway traffic so I still had a bit of shut-eye time. Asleep or not asleep though, traffic is always a bitch. What’s frustrating me right now is that the moment I get home I can’t sleep straight away because I’m always subconsciously finding something to do and it seems like my body only wants to sleep early in the morning. It’s ridiculous. So I still end up sleeping late. Those 10 days of being unemployed during the holidays really spoiled me.

It was my sister’s 11th birthday during the weekend. We had a party at home which stretched from lunch to dinner so the guests ate twice, which ALWAYS happens with family and extended family. It’s starting to freak me out that my sister’s getting older because that means I too, am getting older. We have a pretty large gap because she’s 12 years younger than me (and there’s only 2 of us) so when she’s 18 that’s gonna make me 30. Whooo, another “wack” moment.


  1. 7:30am time-in at work? That’s something I wouldn’t be able to manage at all. I can’t even manage to wake up before 9:00AM on normal days.

    Happy birthday to your sister!

  2. Lately, my sleeping time is from 0100 to 0900. I think I watched something last week that made me stay awake until one in the morning, and now, I still haven’t been able to reset my body clock.

    I found this article on how to reset your body clock three years ago, hopefully, it will work for you.

  3. my time in at work is 8 to 8:30-ish but its always a drag to get out from the fuzzies of my bed especially these days that Baguio’s temp is around 8-10 degrees every morning -___-‘

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