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Being new here at work I’m still a little bit shy when it comes to browsing websites when I’m idle. Unlike my previous job, the cubicles were big so the computers were covered but in this one it’s a bit more on the lower side so people can see what you’re doing on the computer (that is, if they have time to look–everyone seems so busy here). This office is also much more bigger compared to the old one, there were only a maximum of 6 in the department and now I’m in an office of 20 all spread out. It’s a huge difference.. so I’m trying out this application which enables me to post entries not from the web browser. Hitting “publish” after this.

I really love this new theme I have. It’s white, it’s minimal.. it has my favorite fonts (Georgia for header, Arial/Helvetica for the content). I added a bit of color but I’m probably going to edit this more in the future, not too many changes just suited to my style. I think it’s kind of sad that I can’t code my own WP theme from scratch anymore. I used to invest so much time on one theme, where it’s the layout, coding, picking out the design, making headers in Photoshop but now I’m definitely better off with taking a nicely made WP theme and just tweaking the code and designs to fit my taste. I even “widgetize” my sidebar instead of manually doing it because it makes things so much more easier. Can’t wait to post photos and designs and basically level up this blog in terms of looks.. but not too much.

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