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Coz Baby You’re A Firework

Fireworks began to fill the area the minute the clock struck 12am. Lunar New Year is considered a national holiday here and the best part is, work decided to make Friday a holiday as well, thus my 4-day weekend has officially started.

While I was watching the beautiful fireworks from the window it took me a while to notice how great it would look in photos and as the whole thing was about to slow down that’s when I realized that the SLR was right beside me. It was such a facepalm moment, I quickly ran out of the house and took photos of the remaining fireworks that were still sky high. I didn’t even have time to adjust camera settings and just clicked away. As usual, being my favorite nosy bitch, Sushi followed me outside watching me snap photos as a result of my fail realization. =P

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  1. I was out last night in the streets of Beijing setting off fireworks – man, what an experience!! Some of the other people in the streets really set off some beautiful fireworks, too.

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