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New Name, Old Face & Chinese Food

You may or may not have noticed that I changed my URL once again. I love blogging, I really do. This is proof that I haven’t given up on it and probably never will. I just wish I wasn’t so mindful with my writing because I end up giving up halfway when I feel that my writings seems mundane and uninteresting. After all, this is for me to look back on.

A couple of things:

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JOSH BEECH replied to me on twitter and even retweeted my previous bog post! It only means one thing, he read it. I’ve spoken to him on MSN before because like I said in the previous post, I was one of his early twitter followers and he gave out his old old MSN ID so we got to talk for a little while just as he was about to go offline. That was definitely one of my fangirl highlights.

Last night we had an early Chinese New Year dinner with workmates from China. Great food, as usual. I could have taken more photos but I was happily eating. As I was taking in all the food I just realized that the reason why I love Asian food so much (apart from being of the Asian race) is mostly due to the abundance of onions and garlic. These 2 ingredients are probably one of my many favorite primary ingredients in any food. For all those who are celebrating this festive event especially my friends with Chinese and Korean descent, Happy Lunar New Year!


  1. Maybe you already know this about me, but let me say it again, I’m not a fan of Chinese food. Well, maybe, except for a few viands. Strangely, I’m not so sure why I don’t like it, LOL. The next time we go to a Chinese restaurant I should take a few notes. Haha.

    Yeah, whenever I eat at a fancy restaurant or a restaurant that I’m trying for the first time, I always say to my self “Oh, I should put something about this on my blog, the presentation of the food looks good! I should take loads of photos!” But I always end up taking no photos at all because I’m too busy savoring the food.

  2. HEY JUSTINE! God, I was surprised you move and you’re blogging again! Cheers to that!

    Anyway, I’m not fond of Chinese food too, same with Louie, with the exception of their spicy dishes like Mapo Tofu (or Mabo tofu, or a million other spelling variants) and Hunan Beef! If there’s one thing I like about the Chinese, it’s their Szechuan dishes! 😀

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    • I visited your blog a few days ago and was surprised to find it on reset? Yes hopefully I’ll be more diligent this time! Our filipino food is great enough so I wouldn’t be surprised as to why you guys don’t like Chinese.

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