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Sick With The Flu

The past two days my one true companion has been the tissue box. One thing I hate about being sick BESIDES being sick itself is how much tissue I waste because of blowing my nose or coughing out germs. It’s so bad for the environment but it’s the fastest way to go. I’ve been going to the office because I can’t afford to stay home. I’ve only been working here 3 months and I’m leaving for the Philippines at the end of this month for a vacation and I really don’t wanna waste that just coz I have the flu. The good thing about working here is that we have a company doctor who comes in a couple of times a week so I got myself checked and he prescribed some meds so I hope I’ll be good to go because my nose, lungs and throat are so so worn out already it’s annoying. Sleep has been okay, but waking up with your nose blocked is certainly not the way to go. This is my first flu of the year and I’m actually surprised it waited until April, it’s probably my health telling me to slow down because March has been such a full month with barely any rest.

I used to get sick a lot late last year because I was really bad with vitamins and when I started taking them my immune system definitely improved. The doctors (and my dad) speculate that it’s due to my expanding tonsils, which I think is due for a tonsillectomy anytime soon. I get tonsillitis almost every few months. My mom won’t allow me to have mine taken out because she thinks it’s going to ruin my singing voice and she says, “If a tonsil is part of your insides it’s not meant to be taken out.” My dad says otherwise though, he’s had his tonsils out and he says he’s never felt better, he hardly gets sick because of the littlest things anymore (which I have been experiencing as of late). I’m torn now and it’s definitely up to me when I want to have that tonsillectomy, before everything becomes worse.

Oh well, here’s a get well soon to myself!


  1. My sister has had her tonsils taken out at a young age because she would get tonsillitus and sick from the smallest things as well. I have never thought about it in terms of it affecting your voice, so I hope that doesn’t happen, should you decide to take them out! Hope you get well soon.

  2. I hope you do get well soon! Being sick isn’t fun at all.

    It’s neat, though, that I doctor comes to your office sparingly. 🙂

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