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Three Years: A Small Reflection

The Lenten season is always a sensitive/sentimental time for me. It was 3 years ago when I found out my mom had Breast Cancer. I won’t elaborate on how it happened but I remembered it being the Holy Week when we found out exactly. I wasn’t so scared then but I was definitely worried. I was trying to be strong, all the while subcionsciously gathering my fear in unknown places because I was more scared after everything passed. During that time I remember being really thankful to my bestest friends for being there for me all the way, especially Noemi and Chino who stuck through one full day with me when my mom was in the operating bed in the neighboring country Singapore while I was stuck in Jakarta wondering what the hell was happening to my life and how it came this way.

I don’t usually dwell on my mom’s sickness but sometimes (like now) I can’t help but feel like crying when I think about how much she went through and how strong she is having to go through all of it and be a survivor. Having been there during all her chemo sessions and driving her to a month’s woth radiation treatment, I got to see it and not once she had the face of wanting to give up or give in. I wish I was as strong as her =] her oncologist was even in awe of her inner strength. Of course she had her weak moments, but it was something I quickly erased from my head.

I was brought up by religious values and even though didn’t turn out to be the most religious person I do not dismiss the fact that our family has really been blessed through all of this. It’s been 3 years and every single day my mom continues to live and beat all the circumstances. With her superb health she’s fighting her demons, to this day. Someday I will too. Good night.

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