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Back In Jakarta

There’s something about coming back from vacation in the Philippines that always leaves me to a state of utter slump when I’m back in Jakarta. Ever since I got back I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how great my vacation was. 14 days back home in Cebu certainly wasn’t enough but at the same time it filled me with so much euphoria, fun and excitement that I hardly cared about getting enough sleep or eating. I would get about only 2-3 hours of sleep a day but whenever I ate, I would always savor it because it’s food I hardly get to eat often. Home is where the heart is, and my homes are both in Cebu AND Jakarta, so it’s gonna make for a tough decision in the future. I have two SD cards overflowing with photos from my trip and as much as I want to share it right now, work has been piling up like mad. I arrived on the eve of Saturday and spent the day nursing a vacation hangover (involved falling asleep at random times–so weird) and Sunday catching up with friends the whole day then Monday, straight back to work.

Out of my two weeks, 10 days were spent in my parents’ hometown because of the town fiesta (which we inherited from our Spanish rule), spending time with family, longtime friends and many new friends I got to meet. Being there meant the beach was also very accessible so I got to visit different beaches and resorts (I lost count of how many I went to! Probably almost 10), which incidentally is the very meaning of my existence. I can be in the beach all day every day and for 10 days, well you probably know how that is for someone like me. I also finally got to visit Bantayan Island, and goodness. My heart is still there somewhere.

I don’t know how long this state of euphoric recollection is going to last but it’s giving me such bipolar moods. One minute I’m happy and smiling remembering everything and the next I want to cry because I miss everything that happened and want to re-live them again.

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