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Simple Entry

My mom is really into reading blogs now. She e-mailed me today telling me to check out a blog. It’s funny, because she doesn’t know about mine. The author writes simple entries but posts nice interesting photos about the simplest things, like peeling off stickers inside a taxi cab (weird, right?). I really enjoyed it. Then I thought, how come I can’t write simply anymore? I just want to use small simple words, like how I’m writing now.

Sometimes when I blog or when I want to blog, I think of so many things to say, that I end up not blogging at all.
It’s very annoying. I want to blog more and post more pictures.
I just need to get over over-thinking things to write about.
I haven’t even finished sorting out photos from our recent beach trip.

The Canon S100 was just released, have you seen it?
When I was at the Changi Airport in Singapore I went to an electronic store and I asked the sales associate if I could take a look at the Canon S95 and test it out. He gladly gave it to me, he was really nice and accommodating and professional. The Canon S95 has always been in my wishlist but I don’t really take pictures anymore because I get lazy (blame smartphones), but I want to change that. I don’t even really touch our SLR because all the settings give me headaches. So I want to get the S100 when it comes out here in Jakarta.
I’m a little bit glad I didn’t get the S95, but also a bit sad because I’m sure the price will be higher for the S100.

Today I changed my ringtone to Super Junior’s Mr. Simple intro. I hope I get used to it fast.
The Skins opening theme song has been my ringtone for almost 2 years now so I thought, “Hey, maybe I need a change.”
I remember before when my ringtone was still Royksopp’s Happy Up Here, then I changed it to the Skins theme.. whenever I’d hear Happy Up Here I would always think it was my phone that was ringing. It will be probably be the same for this.

It’s Friday! Happy happy. I think I’m going to take a rest this weekend. I really need to stop spending so much.


  1. Blogs are weird. To me, I think you can’t have a real blog if it’s not primarily made up of words and longer paragraphs (that makes sense of course).

    There are famous fashion “bloggers” out there, but I wouldn’t consider them “bloggers” because they’re only posting pictures. That’s kind of lazy…that’s kind of no different than putting pictures in an album. Add some details and commentary to those pictures, and maybe I’ll call you a blogger. Hehe.

  2. oh I was about to buy s95 this month because it was my dream hahaha¬Ö but i never thought that there is s100 is it canon eos 100d is ok or s95?

  3. What’s that blog? Very interesting!

    Anyway, I’m still vying for an upgrade on the Leica X1. But something tells me it’s a very pricey camera, though I think it’s worth it.

    • The Leica X1 costs around $2000. I was initially eye-ing for the Olympus PEN-E which costs around $800-$900 but I got to play around with a friend’s and although it takes amazing photos it has a bit of a problem with indoors. So I think a $400 camera will do more than good for me and my pocket, heh.

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