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Things I Love Thursday, #3: Recent Buys

Finally back to blogging after the holidays, which were great. First 5 days spent lazing about, watching City Hunter and adopting DOLCE FAR NIENTE into my life, something which I never have the luxury of doing anymore ever since I got out of uni and the next 5 days were spent with family in a vacation to Singapore and Bintan Island. Shopping, the beach.. too good.

Before I talk about the vacation and upload some photos, when I was in Singapore I did a bit of shopping. Some new clothes, new shoes, make-up, skin care, foodtrips, accessories.. not too many but enough to make me satisfied and quite broke. Sigh, but no sigh!

Out of everything I bought these are probably the top 3 buys which I was most happy about, and also another edition of TILT.

1. Kameria Baby Face BB Cream, about $25

I’ve heard a lot about BB Creams before, the wonders they’ve done to women and how some people swear by these products. In the beginning I wasn’t really swayed but I’ve been wanting to really try one these past few weeks. I was at Sephora and they had a whole counter full of BB Creams so I chose the one which I thought was most suitable for my skin and budget. My face gets oily easily, not too mention also a victim of breakouts so I chose the Anti-Acne and Pore Tightening with SPF 20 BB Cream. I’ve been using it for close to a week now and I’m glad I made this purchase because I love it. The texture isn’t too moist so my skin doesn’t get too oily anymore and the color is quite dark which suits well with my complexion. It pretty much does its job.. and more.

2. H&M Bag, $39.99

H&M finally made its way to Southeast Asia by opening their first flagship store in Singapore. Perfect timing because it opened just as I got there. During the first few days the lines were basically crazy like you were queueing for the newest roller coaster but I decided to go during the 4th day when the lines were moving at a normal pace. Even though the store was full of people, it wasn’t that crampy because it really was big.. but the cashier and fitting room lines were still very long. I managed to snag a few things.. mostly accessories because I really didn’t wanna line up in the fitting room for clothes, that was my last night in Singapore and I was extremely hungry for dinner that time and getting really dizzy in the store with all the people. H&M was not that worth it, but there were so many nice affordable clothes inside! They really need to open one in Jakarta so we won’t be this deprived.

I’ve been wanting a cheap daily bag for a while now, mostly for work. Something that is light and something I don’t mind putting on the floor on most days and shoving all my junk inside. Before I went to the store I was browsing through bags on their website already (funny thing when I went back today the bag’s not there anymore.. but the model’s still wearing it) so that I could figure out what I want and not get lost in retail oblivion. The moment I found what I was looking for I grabbed it straight away. It’s really light and fits a lot of my things inside, which is perfect for everyday use.

3. Lancome Juicy Tubes, about $18

I’m a big fan of lip stuff (lip gloss, lip balm and quite recently, lipstick). I remember reading a magazine article about Elizabeth Jagger back when I was still in school and she mentioned that she couldn’t live without these Juicy Tubes things. Then I found out she actually got to endorse the product, I really really wanted one but I’ve always been shy to ask my mom to buy me $18 lipgloss. At the airport before boarding I came across a row of them so I decided just to go ahead and finally get one (in #17 Fraise) and so far so good! I like that it has a thick texture as opposed to other glosses which are quite thin and oily, but it doesn’t feel like your lips are covered in hot goo. It also smells nice. Score.

I didn’t plan on going into too much detail about my purchases but I couldn’t help it, I’m in a blogging mood today!


  1. That reminds me to buy a cheap daily bag as well lol! Because I always lug around heavy stuff (macbook, sketchbook and a graphic tablet) with me between home and work.

  2. Wow you guys never had an H&M in SE Asia!? Well I guess the one in my city opened a couple years ago too. You’ll love it!

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