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P300 Test Shots

I just got back home after buying a new camera, the Nikon Coolpix P300. I’ve been wanting a compact camera with almost SLR-like capabilities and have been eyeing the Canon S95 for the longest time.. until I saw the P300 a few weeks ago. It has everything I need in a camera, with Full HD video recording. I get really lazy lugging around the DSLR and wanted to find an alternative. I don’t mind not having RAW because the SLR does that and this price tag fit just right in my budget as opposed to the S95 or the upcoming S100 (before going extremely broke). I’ve also been wanting to find a good compact camera to bring to a concert next month, a concert that doesn’t allow and professional cameras whatsoever.

While in the car on the way home I did some random shots and tested its low light capabilities and boy was I impressed. My previous camera, the Canon IXUS 80 sucked so bad when it came to low light situations that’s why this one pretty much wow-ed me. No flash was used at all and these photos are not edited in any way.  I can’t wait to be able to use it in full force!


    • About $340. It’s way cheaper in Amazon though and they’ve got a really good promo going on for much less.


    I love how one of the very big motivators for us to have gotten new compact cameras is a concert. Hahaha. XD But wheeee, yay for new gadgetry! Also, I feel you on how much an older P&S sucks (esp in low light) vs models that just came out–I know my SD700 IS from 2006 has nothing on the one I got for the Incubus concert. XP Although I must admit that after getting used to using a DSLR all the time, when I first handled a P&S again, I got pretty overwhelmed. Hahaha.

  2. You know I’ve been expecting real-time reviews from real people about this camera and I’m super glad you’re one of them people!! Hahaha. I’m def sold sa camera na to, but I’ve decided to get the Sony first because I want to own a digicam with really good video quality.

    I already know what to do with the Nikon.. ultimate all-around digicam! :] Lol I’m getting way ahead of myself here.

    Pero infairness nakita ko na si Nikon kahapon sa mall and it’s so boxy.. gusto ko na sanang bilhin on the spot then I remembered that it will be cheaper if I buy it in one of the gadget stores sa Multiply, hehe. 😀

    • One of the reasons why I actually got the Nikon was because of the “boxy” look! Kind of like a rugged look similar to a Leica and I realized the Canon’s edges were too smooth for me since I saw the Nikon. The S95 is quite heavier because the material is SLR-like. On my way to buy the camera I was even thinking hm if I like the S95 more then I think I’m going to buy that instead of the P300 but when I got there it really was the P300 which won in my book and I’m so happy with this camera now!!

  3. Same here, it’s nice to read a review from you! Even the test shots are very personal! 😀

    $340 is cheap! Oh god I suddenly feel guilty because I’m pining for a Leica X1, around $1900! Anyway, I think I should settle for a Leica look-alike, the Fujifilm X100 ($1300).

    Though this is just make-believe, heh

    • I held the Fujifilm X100 when I was buying my P300. It was so heavy and just too much for me. Obviously a Leica would be a great camera to own (wishlist!) but I’ve always wanted a good economical camera and I think the P300 offered it to me.

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