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Monday Blues

It was such a chore to get up this morning, I wasn’t feeling the day and totally dreaded it. I hate it when I wake up with negative vibes but what’s good about it is it doesn’t usually last until the end of the day (unless there’s a strong reason for it to last). Plus I haven’t had a bad Monday in a really long time so waking up that way really left a bad taste in my mouth.

Fortunately for me, our bosses didn’t come in today so my mood immediately got lighter and following SMTOWN New York livetweets gave me some good second-hand fangirling vibes. It’s lunchtime now and while workload has been bittersweet the first half of the day (it’s the good news bad news kind) I’m just thankful I don’t feel so negative anymore. Sometimes you really can’t help what to feel. Being a Gemini, I can attest to that.

Here are some photos I took during the weekend, which was pretty eventful that I didn’t really get sleep until Sunday afternoon. totes love my new cameruhh!

If my weekend had to be described in tags, it would consist of: food, beer, soju, chicken, karaoke, sleepover, buffet, late nights, brunch, traffic, buffet, birthday, party, formal dinner, mexican bar, mojitos, margartitas, live band, singing, fangirling, samgyeopsal, korean bbq.

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  1. I commented because I read you’re a Gemini and my comment’s going to be about that lol! I agree with you on the feeling thing. Its so frustrating sometimes that communicating those feelings to another person is tasking…the feelings are so contradictory that they don’t get it. I just muse, muse, and muse about them haha.

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