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Ten Facts About Me

Saw this on Helga’s blog sometime ago and I thought to do one myself.

ONE: I can’t whistle at all. I don’t know why!

TWO: I’m talkative and loud. If people are embarrassed to be seen with me then that is their problem.

THREE: I can’t NOT finish food. If I get a small serving then it’s good because I don’t get a second serving unless I’m super famished. When it’s a large portion or a big serving, even though I’m about to burst I feel really evil and bad if I don’t finish what’s on my plate. Like really bad. I hate the thought of throwing food or food that’s being wasted. Gives me so much guilt in life.

FOUR: I’m scared of cats, thus I don’t like them. I had a bad experience and I always feel like they hate me so much. Dogs on the other hand, I am very much a dog person. Lovelovelove dogs.

FIVE: I’m a chronic foot jiggler. It’s pretty bad.

SIX: The reason why I don’t like to watch horror movies aside from them being scary is that when I watch them I don’t close my eyes at all. I don’t block out the scary scenes or try to cover my eyes when it’s the scary part. I really watch them. Then I can’t sleep for about a month scared shitless because I can’t take the scenes or the happenings off my mind and continue scaring myself in my head to the point of almost no return. That’s why I just avoid horror movies altogether.

SEVEN: I’m pretty short. Just a little above 5 feet. In fact my sister who is 12 years younger is almost taller than me, which is good in a way so that nobody will mistake me as her mother when we’re together.

EIGHT: I’m scared I won’t find “The One” and that I’ll never get married. This is especially hard to admit because I’ve always been okay about not having a boyfriend.

NINE: I’m quite the messy eater. I’m not dirty by any standards and I practice proper eating etiquette and table manners but somewhere between scooping the food with my spoon to reaching my mouth, food just seems to involuntarily fall to the table, or sauce on my clothes. Maybe I just have bad hand-to-mouth coordination.

TEN: I don’t like confrontation. I have this problem with facing problems/issues/people who I have problems or issues with/making the first move when it comes to situations that may result in awkwardness or bad blood. Even when I think about it right now, I feel like hiding under the covers already.


  1. I’ve taught myself how to whistle two months ago, since it was one of my frustrations. It took me three days to make an awkward sound, a whistle nonetheless!

    Number 3: Same here. This habit made me obese since first grade. My mom insinuated the you’re-lucky-to-have-a-meal mantra and it sucks.

    I’ve only learned to like cats when I had a Japanese friend who was really into them–i.e., naming them, petting them, buying them fried chicken and stuff. They’re not really my kind of pet, though.

    TEN: SAME.

    Pardon for the long comment, I was just really boooored.

  2. From your facts it seems that we don’t have much in common. I love cats, they’re my favorite animal. And I’m quiet and shy.

    Though I don’t like confrontation either.

  3. 1. I don’t blame you, whistling IS hard! I can whistle sometimes, but I don’t know how to whistle a tune.

    2. Depending on the context, I can be pretty talkative and loud too. My siblings back in the day would always “shhhh!” me for talking so loudly. Now, I try to tone it down a bit so other’s don’t get annoyed.

    5. If you mean jiggling as fidgeting, then I have that too. In fact, I is fidgeting right now.

    6. But horror movies are so fun! I just know that the gross stuff they show is not real, so that’s how I enjoy it 🙂

    8. You are so young! Just have fun being single and I’m sure the right guy will come along eventually. Or…if you’re really impatient, have you tried online dating sites yet? I recommend I don’t know how that site is NOW, but I used it years ago–though was not really looking for a date at the time (they had really fun quizzes and tests to take). But now I have a boyfriend of three years because of it. ><

    10. Oh man, you'd so hate my job then. I often get into confrontations with customers/patients at my work (that's why I bitch about it a lot on Twitter). Even though I've endured it for five years, I still dislike confrontations very much and try to avoid them as much as possible.

  4. Haha I can’t whistle at all either. And I’m talkative and hate horror movies, but other than that we’re pretty much very opposite to each other, haha. What was this bad experience with cats? I was never into cats until my catlover of a sister manage to convince mum into getting one like 7, 8 years ago. I thought they were evil and might hurt me, but ever since, i’ve been SUUUCH a cat lover too because they’re (mostly) soo cute!

    As for dogs… well i got badly bitten by a really big one when i was little, so for years and years I was really afraid of them, but finally grew out of it.

  5. #1: Thank goodness I’m not alone! 😛
    #3: I think that comes with being Bisaya? My lola is from Bohol and she’s one of the most mild mannered people in the world but boy does she get mad when we don’t finish our food!
    #4: Dogs forever. I hate cats.
    #8: A while back my friend J and I had a serious talk: “should we start dating people we don’t actually like?” “what if THE ONE doesn’t actually exist?” so yeah you’re not alone there.


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