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Christmas Wishlist, It’s Time

It’s that time of the year again where I whip out my Christmas wishlist, I just realized I did it around the same time last year. I decided to be a bit more reasonable with my Christmas wishlist this year as opposed to the previous ones. I figured a Chanel flap bag should start making its way out of my list (but I will keep wishing for it lord help me) because if I can’t even afford it, why the hell would I expect people to get it for me? LULZ. This year has been pretty good to me in terms of gadgets, I opened the year with a new phone, bought a Kindle, got a new MacBook Pro and recently bought a camera. Not to mention abundance of bags (thanks, ASOS), shoes and makeup. Such a (broke) girl. So here are what’s left of my list of wants 🙂

1. iTunes Store Cards, because there are too many things to buy in that damn store! Also counts for the Mac App Store.
2. Repuplic of 2PM, their debut Japanese album with a 100 page photobook and behind-the-scenes DVD.
3. nail polish, this one is a constant want. I’d be happy to get any kinds or colors of nail polish!
4. Aldo Lewi, when I saw this in the store I almost kind of cried. It’s so beautiful but I’m waiting for it to go on sale!!! Hahahaha.
5. Cambridge Satchel, something I’ve been wanting for the whole year but never got the chance to get. I would set aside money for it but that would suddenly just poof and disappear, no thanks to my bad spending habits.
6. iPhone 4S, I have a feeling it’s time to switch to the iPhone? I love my Berry but I’m an Apple girl through and through.. and with news that the Indonesian govt. is trying to shut down BIS in Indonesia and the 4S launching in the Philippines, maybe it’s my calling.
7. Instax Film, this is a constant need too 🙂

I love getting gifts just as much as giving them (I mean, who doesn’t) not because receiving is great but it’s mostly because it’s so nice that somebody was kind enough to think of you and included you in their gift-giving and that alone is awesome enough for me and really makes me happy. That’s why when I receive gifts from people I’m just really genuinely pleasantly surprised and all tingly. Heehee! Unless of course you give me a literal pile of shit.

..but really, you can just give me a Christmas card with nice thoughtful words and I’ll be happy or donating something under my name, I think that would make me cry. I’m really emotional.

Oh and lastly.. I really want these:

Happy Holidays!

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