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I’m Coming Home (x-post)

I was supposed to be spending Christmas (and New Year) in Jakarta but due to urgent circumstances I had to be asked to go home to Cebu. My sister, mom and I are leaving tonight but my sister and I have different flights and different routes (Singapore for a layover because we couldn’t get the same flights at the last minute). I’m filled with so many mixed emotions right now because even though I initially wanted to go home I already planned out my Christmas vacation with my best friends so now it’s like, a total turnaround again oh well that’s life, just go with the flow.

It’s been a while since I “blogged” on tumblr like this I remember used to doing it all the time before, sharing little tidbits about my life which were too short for my blog or too long for my twitter.

Picture above was taken last weekend when a few uni friends and their friends had a little (which turned out to be big, lol) Christmas dinner. At least I got to squeeze in one get together before leaving, even though I had a lot planned for this weekend and next *cries*

Happy Holidays!!


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