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Hello February

January has been a great/crazy/busy/whoa month for me, as fast-paced as it was, here I am welcoming February with open arms. I promise I will post photos and happenings on this blog again when I have time.. I have so much to write and so much to show. In a nutshell, I’ve made a pretty big life decision lately that will uncover itself in the weeks to come. For now I’m just enjoying life and keeping my fear of the unknown to a minimum. I’m glad I’ve got friends and family along the way to keep me sane, who knows what would happen to me without them.

I’ve also managed to fill up my daily Moleskine without fail! I hope to keep it up until the year ends, write just a page and a few sentences about my day, because something is always happening even though I feel like nothing is. In a way it’s also been kind of therapeutic, just letting it out in words. Anyway, I hope February, March, April and the months to come will just be as good to me as how January has been. Here’s to February and beyond!

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  1. It’s good to see that you’re being very optimistic! This post totally reminded me that i needed to buy my 2012 Moleskine, haha.

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