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Broken Camera

I’m really sad about my camera. Fuck man, this totally sucks. Today I went to the Nikon Service Center to supposedly have my camera fixed but after finding out it’s going to cost as much as 80% of the current cost of the camera just really brought me down. So now I’m finding out a way to send the camera back to Jakarta because the warranty’s there so I went to FedEx and the shipping cost is just as much as the repair cost. Those events really brought me down. Thank goodness work just took it all away. I love the camera to bits (and my iPod–but I haven’t gotten to that part yet) and have so many events currently happening and will happen in my life that can’t be documented all because I fucking left my tumbler open inside my bag. Excuse the all the french but damn. Fuuuuuuuuuudge. I can’t even post photos on this blog anymore and that really really makes me sad. UGH! I can’t not care. I need to find a way for this camera to be brought back to Jakarta A.S.fucking.A.P and have it fixed or replaced to a new unit so that I’m able to use it again for all the awesome stuff that’s currently happening in my life right now. Perfect timing really.

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