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It’s a Colorful One

It’s funny how I try to update my layout but my blogging mojo still ends up being shit. Ever since moving back to Cebu my life has been a happy breeze, time has been consumed very productively (sleep is productive ok) but of course it’s hardly a win-win situation. Life may be currently great, but my gadgets are not. I made a stupid mistake of putting an open tumbler inside my bag. While both my phones were safe from the results of my stupidity.. my camera, my iPod Touch and my Moleskine weren’t. Needless to say, those 3 loves of mine aren’t in very good condition right now. I feel awful, really really awful. And not just “How will I be able to play Temple Run again?” awful, just really really awful. My iPod is alive, but it does not respond to any touch. My camera is intact, but it refuses to turn on. My Moleskine is back to dry, but the pages that I wrote in using that pretty purple Muji pen are almost all smudged and unreadable and eliminates the whole purpose of having a journal in the first place. On top of everything, my MacBook Pro decides to have this annoying vertical red line inside the LCD, which my troubleshooting powers can’t even fix. It may be gone from me for a month tops if I decide to send it over for repair. SIGH.

Yes, these are all first world problems but I just want to rantrantrant(!) this away. AWFUL describes how I feel. On the upside my new job has been treating me greatly and I’ve been taking everything in with an open mind and a positive heart. Right now I’m just going to enjoy this no-negativity career life. This is the first time I’m genuinely happy to go to work and stay at work. Sure, it’s hardly been a month but they say first impressions last, right?


  1. We all have our first world problems!!!

    Well, it’s an awful day for you. Try drying them up under the sun, but not for too long. (Though try Googling some other ways; mine worked on a huge Dell Inspiron battery.)

    Re: Muji pen disaster, try scanning them. I don’t know why, but for the sake of sentimentality, preserve them. Or deface them with drawings or something. 😀 It’s time to move on, anyway.

    Do you mind if I ask what your job is?

  2. omggg terror….. ouchhhhh! when that happened to my macbook black it didn’t on as well. dried it and kept if off for so long. hehe maybe putting them on the car floor would work? (worked for me with its heat lol…) ouchies!

    • I put my camera inside the car with the batteries off for 2 straight days. Nothing worked 🙁 sighssss.

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