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March Recap

March has been nothing but interesting.. in so many damn ways. When I wished for an eventful 2012 and got it for January and February, I didn’t think March would be able to compete with it. Now it’s coming to an end (YAY PAYDAY!) and we soon welcome April.

I made so many new friends this month, even a few enemies. Funny how whenever I get psycho-vibes about someone they always turn out to be true. What’s worse was that she herself was the one that proved it. I would like to blog about it but I realized it’s better off forgotten and buried.

Let it be known that I’m always with my best friend Hazel. It helps that she only lives across me so most of the time we’re always together. I probably go out with her twice or even thrice a week when we’re both not busy and we just started a ritual where we try a new cafe or restaurant on Sundays. So far we’ve gone through 2, it’s so much fun.

A few weeks into March I dyed my hair to the lightest color I’ve ever had, and even though it doesn’t look like it in the photo, it really is light I didn’t really recognize myself the first 48 hours (LOL). Just a shame that my camera breaks down at the worst of times, I would’ve have had pictures-a-plenty to cherish and to laugh about.

Last week I went to watch Annebisyosa, the first non-singer concert I’ve ever been to. Many people asked why I went to watch Anne Curtis’s concert. Truth is, I’ve always liked her. Regardless of her non-existing singing talent I think she presents herself well, candid and really down-to-earth. Not to mention her beauty and body.

Work wise, I’m proud to say that I’ve come to establish a lot of friendships that I can really cherish and keep for a long time, but a job is never permanent. People come and go. I hope the people I consider my good friends here are friends that I can keep for life, regardless of whether we work in the same place or not.

Earlier this week I went and finally saw The Hunger Games movie. I read the book exactly last year (April 2011 to be exact) so I kind of forgot the specifics already. I consider that a good thing because when I re-read the book before the movie I tend to compare a lot of things and end up being dissatisfied. It’s safe to say I was really satisfied with this installment. It was a good depiction of the book. It may not have been a perfectly made movie but Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta totally made up for it. I was a bit skeptical with this casting at first but they really proved themselves to be amazing actors that I know them to be.. and it was no different with this movie. Catching Fire was my favorite book so I’m excited at how it will come to life, I just hope it doesn’t take too long.

So that’s March for ya! The frequency (or lack of it) of my posts (I don’t even write that much on my Moleskine anymore–must change that!) have been really poor but I’m always glad I have this blog where I can write anytime I feel like it.

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  1. I didn’t really care about The Hunger Games movie (although I LOVED the books) but now I’m so tempted to watch it!

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