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Nothing More Than Feelings

I can feel quite the pressure nowadays. There are many things to do and stuff to think about that I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with everything that’s happening lately. My mom says I can go cry alone if I want to..  which I’ve already done. Small bits and pieces of crying here and there. It’s not like there’s anything negative happening in my life right now, I’m fairly content and happy with day to day stuff it’s just that sometimes you’re just hit with all these things at the same time and you think, “Hold up! Time out!” to yourself.

I won’t let April be a downer. These next two weekends I’m going to go hard. Come to think of it, I haven’t gone drinking in a while.. maybe I miss the intoxicating feeling of alcoholic substance in my system, which is good if done moderately, in my case I don’t, because there is HARDLY any moderately involved. Okay even I’m confusing myself out now.

Does it help that all I wanna do is lean on someone’s shoulder and ask for a cuddle? Wanted: boyfriend.

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