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I really need to buy a new 500gb external harddrive so I can sync my MacBook Pro into eternity before sending it over to the Apple doctors to have the LCD fixed before the warranty runs out in about 2 weeks. I’m contemplating on whether I should get AppleCare or not because really, who needs extra expenses when you’re on the bumpy road of financial independence. This all needs to be done before August 10 and knowing me, it’s going to take a while. HAVE HAVE HAVE TO!

I hope I come back to this blog and have good news about my laptop, my estimate is that it will be gone from me for 1 month–that’s my worst case scenario and if it’s gone from me for more than that I think I might cry.



    • Justine says

      I already have a 1TB that’s almost full! I just needed the 500gb so I can clone the harddrive on my macbook for backup.

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