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The State of Things

So… My MacBook Pro is finally gone for repair. The lady said it will probably take 7 to 14 days to a month tops. I wasn’t all that shocked because I anticipated about a month or so, I just hope it won’t take longer than that.

I made the decision today as fast as I could and decided to just bring it before I change my mind or else the warranty period is going to end and I’m going to have to pay a huge amount for it and regret, I have no time for that nor the personal expenses to get myself an Apple Care Protection Program. Gone are the days where I could still ask Mom and Dad to get me the things I need. On the rough road to financial independence. Yay me? LOL.

So anyway here I am typing this blog post from my iPhone. I’m going to become a laptop scavenger at home, beware fambam!

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