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Sick and Stones

My throat started feeling really itchy last Wednesday, and come Thursday it became a full-blown dry cough. I’m still reaping the fruits of the virus until now because I really didn’t give myself rest until Saturday. I was contemplating on going to work on Friday but I knew I had to because I was meeting friends for drinks later that night after work and that itself was a pretty good motivation already. Got home at 4 in the morning on Saturday and that’s when the whole sickness thing took a great toll. I was completely bedridden the whole Saturday up to Sunday afternoon when I decided to get my ass up and spend the rest of the Sunday out with family. It’s Tuesday now and I’m feeling a bit better save for a bit of coughing here and there. Hope this is gone by tomorrow.

Lately I’ve been finding myself getting worked up and concerned about what people think about me. Of course as a human being that’s a general trait, why wouldn’t you want people to like you? It’s just that it’s been bothering me more than it should and the thing is, I hardly used to care. If you liked me, great! If you didn’t, well, there’s that. My point is (this should double as a mental note), I need to stop thinking about it too much because it will affect me. It probably won’t matter in the long run because the people who choose to stay will and that’s all that matters. If “they” genuinely cared about me, I wouldn’t be feeling like this in the first place, it wouldn’t make me feel like this in the first place.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, just wanted to entertain a brain fart by putting them into paper (or a WP entry post).

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  1. October is cough month, I guess, since I’ve had it for a week now. It all starts with a very sore throat, though I still eat a lot (funnily enough)! Here in Manila, it’s the weather since it rains for five minutes and gets dry for fifty minutes. Plus my regular sleep has slid its way from eight hours to five, and I’ve had a bad flu a week ago, plus fatigue. Fucking work!

    So you did party at Friday night despite an impending cough! Hahahaha I’d do that to, quite irrational but hey! Whatever.

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