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Split Polars

I’m my own worst critic. I think of the worst in a lot of situations. Many things in my life have made me think that way but it’s nice to know I still have a lot of positivity in me, it seems. But let’s focus on the negative first. Someone told me before how he wondered how I never get fazed by the worst of things.. truth is, he just doesn’t know what really goes on in my head. It’s a freaking warzone.

I like to think the choices I make result to a good return of “equal opportunity”. I learn a lot of things about myself and other people along the way but what frustrates me the most is that I hardly ever get to see results, or the end game. A lot of the things in my life are open-ended. My feelings take the top spot on that list. Right now I’m in an environment where people don’t get fazed by irrational emotions but the truth is, I do. It’s just me. Now where is this leading? I really don’t know. Is life telling me to man up and shut my face or is it making me realize that, “Damn, people are sucky in general.”

So, hello to open-endedness. More to come!

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