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My blog got hacked a few weeks ago. A lot of changes were made, and I still haven’t really restored it back fully as how it was before the hacking took place. Everything’s still in the process of putting back the pieces together.

It’s another year, another struggle to become a good blogger. As much as I don’t want to call it a struggle because I’ve always loved doing it and I’ve always looked forward to having an outlet online to pour out my thoughts, it still is. The problem is the moment I decide to delete my domains (I have about 4 or 5) I would just itch to blog. So it’s better if I had this.

I won’t try to be such a good blogger anymore, any pressure on myself doesn’t always result positively. It’s not like I have avid readers who hang on to my every word, this domain purchase for a blog was really intended for more personal thoughts and less self-pimping out. I’ll continue to make writing a “therapy” as many say it is, because it really helps.

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  1. I read this entry from one of my blog links (The Tin Man–gahh I don’t know how to put links here without looking like a spammer) who’s just celebrated his twelfth year of blogging and it’s really inspiring. He said his secrets in maintaining his blog are:

    1: “Never decide[d] to shut it down”, and;

    2. “Never publicly promise to rededicate yourself to blogging more frequently (which makes PERFECT sense!) since there was nothing for me to live up to and therefore no reason to think I wasn’t blogging enough. I just blog when I want, about what I want.”

    So let’s just blog when we want, about what we want. I’ve never figured that out in my entire blogging life, except in my Livejournal, because it’s private.

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