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One Day Or Another

Last year’s journaling efforts weren’t successful. My dad bought me a 2012 Daily Moleskine for Christmas and I was so so so excited. I finally owned one and I wrote every day. For about the first 3 months. During the second month a very unfortunate thing happened that caused my Moleskine to get all wet and a few pages got smudged and unreadable. Still, I proceeded to write everyday, even just a little. Then I got busy with work, settling in Cebu, shifting my comfort zone to another comfort zone, changed my BlackBerry to an iPhone (finally) and a full page turned into a half page, turned into bullet points until a whole year passed by and I’ve only got until March will full pages, April dwindling down, almost stopped writing on May, and hardly had any pages filled on June.. until the year ended.

It’s a bit disappointing really, because I had always expected myself to write for the rest of the year. That was one of my new year resolutions, dammit. But other priorities in life reverts your focus and suddenly you aren’t writing anymore. Sure, you’re living, but the “living” isn’t documented in text and feelings that support it.

Against my beliefs (heh) and my consistent attempt on furthering away from going even more digital than I am, I bought an app to journal. Let’s see how this pans out.

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