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Fleeting Thoughts

I just realized I’m one of those people who often ask for advice on what looks nice, which is better or which option I should take; and once I receive that advice.. I stick with my original preference.

Something similar happened to me today that made me realize that it’s sort of irritating. I always ask for advice when it comes to more than 1 option. Especially to my sister. Usually it involves what clothes or shoes to wear. I end up sticking to my original choice. My sister mentioned a few days ago that regardless of what she says or recommends I still choose the other one and go against the other option.

Makes me wonder why I do this? I think it’s because I need validation that I made the right choice or that my choice is always the better one than the other? It boggles me that I need so much validation in order to verify my choices.

That’s all, really. Fleeting thought of the day.

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