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Seoul City 2013, pt. 2

Here are some of my Instagrams during my trip to Korea last March! In no particular order, except for the first and last photo.

First Instagram upon my arrival while waiting for the train to take us to the arrival area.

As soon as I arrived, I went to the convenience store across the first hotel we stayed in and got myself the famous Banana Milk. I was NOT disappointed. To the point that I bought it every night during my stay and drank it before going to sleep.

My first photo with the said Banana Milk!

Obligatory Nami Island photo! It was already dry then since it was late winter going towards early Spring. When my friend was in the same spot just two weeks before this photo was taken, there was still residual ice.

A latte at Coco Bruni, a cute coffee shop chain in Hongdae where I went with Caroline after we had dinner at 마포갈매기 (photo below). I don’t know if it’s just me but coffee in Korea tastes so much better. Maybe because the weather was also extra cold, so the weather and temperature definitely complimented each other.

A filtered view of Seoul above the N Seoul tower. This was just one side, the observatory was 360 degrees and the views were amazing.

Korean BBQ dinner at Mapo Galmaegi (마포갈매기)! The best part was the egg “crust” pan, which is basically egg around the pan while your meat is cooking.

In front of Myeongdong Cathedral. We went there twice. Once to check out the church, and then attended mass for Easter Sunday. Their English mass was so solemn, a little different than what I was used to in Jakarta or Cebu.

Bought strawberries at the nearby convenience store. They were bigger than the strawberries I normally eat and they were very sweet too!

Ssamziegil over at Insadong. It’s a very quirky mall where you find a lot of quirky stuff. Plus you can write on the walls!

A combination of chicken and store-bought Kimbap during one of our dinners.

While waiting in line to catch the bus to Everland, behind me was a usual matching Korean couple (they are everywhere, and it is definitely not surprising anymore) with matching Air Jordan Retro 4‘s that I absolutely love and can’t wait to own one day.

Really cold mornings at 1 to 2 degrees.

A #dblcam in Everland while on top of one of the rides!

Since there is no more Burger King in Cebu, I couldn’t have missed it in Seoul and I really missed it when I left Jakarta. I miss it now T.T

My last meal in Seoul (technically Incheon since it was at the airport): my favorite, Naengmyeon (냉면) or cold noodles.

At the merry-go-round in Everland with my sister. It was freezing cold my hands got really frozen and our noses all turned red. That was a colddddd night.

Last tunnel shot on the way to the airport before leaving the city.

Merry-go-round at Everland.

I had more Instagrams in Everland than in Lotte World. It was so beautiful and colorful because it was their annual tulip festival in time for Spring!

My sister and I at Lotte World. Lotte World was so much fun because it was indoor so it was less cold, so I was more free to move around. When we went outside BAAAM back to cold and I couldn’t move anymore.

Last photo in Korea. =[ I will definitely be back soon.

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