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The Sunday Currently, v3

It’s literally Monday because it’s past 12 but who’s keeping count? I just woke up.

Reading Casting news on 50 Shades of Grey. Woke up to news Sunday morning that Charlie Hunnam dropped out. I’ve expressed my dislike over the series but I won’t say I’m not looking forward to the movie developments.

Writing This entry. Texting people.

Listening Kahi’s new album, Who Are You? The music video for It’s Me is particularly beautiful, and was shot in Barcelona, Spain.

Thinking About how I’m so thirsty.

Wishing 1) That this week goes by okay at work before I leave for Jakarta and that I can buy everything I need before my trip! 2) For yoga class to be nice tomorrow because my back has been hurting.

Hoping That this hangover goes away. It’s been almost 24 hours!

Wearing A shirt that says MARKETING.

Loving How strong I’m starting to become.

Wanting New heels for my bridesmaid dress.

Needing That special someone. To stop being so closed off with my “REAL DEAL” feelings.

Feeling Pretty accomplished. 4 straight days of yoga last week, topped it off with a super tiring Pop dance class on Friday, then that major cardio during Saturday night’s crazy partying. Not bad, self!

Clicking Mark as read to some feeds I don’t care about reading anymore.

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  1. I am a fellow yogini as well. It’s so great for your body and spirit! Seems like your Sunday was pretty great! I too am looking forward to the movie development of 50 Shades.

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