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Yogini Me

I’ve been going to yoga classes religiously for about almost 3 months now. I try my best to do it weekly, sometimes twice a week and my most so far has been three days in a row. To sum it up, it is something I have been really enjoying as opposed to doing them at home. I have always been shy to go to a class so I relied on YouTube practice, and unfortunately it didn’t really get me anywhere. So I decided to suck it up and finally attend a class! With the peak of my PCOS diagnosis, I decided it was time to up the physical game if I didn’t want to take pills (in which I want to avoid as much as possible).

One thing that surprised me the most with yoga is that I sweat like crazy. Normally when I work out, or when I do cardio classes or when it’s hot it’s I get the usual human sweat levels but when I do yoga it gets multiplied by a thousand. It’s crazy. Sweat literally drips on the mat whether I do it in class with an instructor or when I do my home asanas.

I can’t do a lot of difficult poses yet. My crow pose is probably a quarter of a breath, my forward fold still sucks, and I attempted to do a couple of head stands but fell the other way around on my ass but it’s all good. It’s the journey that I am totally enjoying and once I finally find the core of my balance, I will get there. It makes me look forward to more practices and this is something I want to incorporate to my every day life, hopefully time permits. The best thing is that, there is now yoga in the office (HALLELUJAH) twice a week! It couldn’t have come at a better time.

I am definitely looking forward to improving my wellbeing. Being a generally anxious person, that’s something I’m working towards minimizing and practicing more towards living in the now. Needless to say, I am super excited to know where my yoga journey takes me!

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