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The Sunday Currently, v2

Reading Old text messages so I can figure out which ones to delete. And all the articles about BBM being available for iPhone and Android because I want to know when I can get mine! This is the first time having a US App Store account gave me a disadvantage.

Writing I don’t know if this qualifies as “writing” but I’m creating a banner for this series so that’s what I’m doing on Photoshop.

Listening The Voice of the Philippines on TV downstairs.

Thinking About how it’s payday this week. Woohoo! Plus how my bridesmaid dress is going to look like. I had measurements done last weekend and I couldn’t be more excited to see how it looks. Novella sent over some fabric from Indonesia and since she has 19 bridesmaids (IKR) she let us have control of our own dresses but stick to a color scheme.

Smelling Eucalyptus. Just had a massage about an hour ago. It was a killer massage because of all the yoga I’ve been doing.

Wishing That monthly visits arrive soon. I know I didn’t continue the pill prescription my OB gave me and only stuck with the Provera, but I am late once again and I hope it doesn’t go on for ANOTHER 4 months. Ugh. I really want to avoid taking pills.

Hoping For this week to be nice, and problem free. Plus this hip pain to go away.

Wearing All black everything. Black tank, black shorts.

Loving That everyday I get to sleep in because I work afternoons.

Wanting To buy a better yoga mat (=very expensive), but I have a lot of other financial priorities! Also, I kind of want to eat something sweet.

Needing Please see “Wishing” as it is pretty much the same.

Feeling A bit hot (no AC, no fan) but I know if I turn the AC on I will freeze again. It’s a never-ending battle of body temperature for me!

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