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Day 13 – Something you’ve been putting off

I can already envision writing this entry to be hard-hitting, at the same time therapeutic, I guess, but it’s the type that I’m quite ashamed to tackle. The double F’s: finance & future.

I’ve been meaning to be really good with money this year, yet I’m still failing at it. My goal for 2014 was supposed to get an insurance plan for myself and invest.. but 8 months in and that hasn’t happened yet. I have a few more months left to fulfill that goal and I hope and pray to the heavens that I get it started. It’s not easy being in your 20s and have cash flow. I work hard but I spend hard. I do admit I have shopaholic tendencies but I need to remind myself that I am no Rebecca Bloomwood and no finance honcho/hottie is going to save me out of my money woes should that time come (GOD FORBID). The only good thing from all this is that, I spend my money and no one else’s (cue “I don’t need no man” aka “Independent Women” songs).

So yes, I am putting off the whole being an adult with money thing. Spend smart, save smart. Gone are the days (like what, 4 years now?) where I can fall back on my parents for money and I’ve got to stop consoling myself with the, “I pay a lot of bills at home anyway” thought because it’s no excuse. What I’ve done is I’ve set up a meeting with an insurance guy for next month and I hope I won’t bail on it. I’ve got to make smart financial choices for my future and I need to stop putting it off.

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