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Day 14 – Memories: Been to any concerts?

We’re almost halfway! I quite like this entry because it’s going to make me re-live some awesome moments. I haven’t been to a lot of concerts but I can say I’ve seen my favorites live.. two music acts that belong in completely different genres: Incubus and 2PM.

I saw Incubus in 2008 with my best friends in Jakarta, and I saw 2PM live twice, both in 2011. First was with my best friend, and the second time was during their full fledged concert in Jakarta with my sister and this was the most I’ve ever paid for a concert. Worth. Every. Penny. There’s something about K-pop stage production that blows you away. The amount of work and effort and thought they put into it better than worth it in itself. Incubus, there’s even no need to mention what it’s like seeing your favorite band from 6th grade (up to now) live and singing ALL YOUR FAVORITE songs. My first and forever love. Brandon Boyd and his voice. Jose on the drums. Mike and being his guitar God self (and pipa for Aqueous Transmission!). DJ Kil and ALL HIS equipment and of course, Ben on the bass.

I’ve seen Jason Mraz live, and two very talented acts Corinne Bailey Rae and Sondre Lerche, all at varying Java Jazz events. Very very talented musicians whose music I appreciate and love. They are so good live. I’ve also seen Taio Cruz and Shontelle, but I don’t have that much to say about them. I can proudly say I’ve seen English alternative royalty, Suede, and there’s nothing like listening to (and seeing) Brett Anderson sing live in flesh.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a few more acts live. Let me remember. For Filipino acts, I’ve seen Hale and Orange and Lemons during their hayday in 2005 here in Cebu, Rivermaya (new lineup, not Rico Blanco on vocals anymore, sadly) and Bamboo back in Jakarta. Bamboo, I definitely enjoyed a lot. Though I was pretty young back then but it’s one of those intimate settings that I really love where you’re in a bar and there are only over 100 or 200 people. We also got to hang out with them after their gig which was a whoa factor for me back then. Nathan was drunk as heck but he was such a trip. I miss them as a band now. Oh, I also saw Anne Curtis (the most I paid for a local concert) and I admit, I had loads of fun. I almost forgot about that, it was when I was only in back Cebu for about a month or so last 2012.

The latest one I saw was Jonas Brothers when they played in Cebu about 2 years ago. That was definitely something. I’m never ashamed of my music interests and JB is no different. That was a last minute decision and I even had to drag my mom and pay for her ticket so I’d have a concert buddy. Being in a sea of tweens and screaming girls was not a problem to me. I am glad I got to see them live because I had no idea then that it would be one of the last shows they’d ever do as a band now that they’ve disbanded. They were so good! I did not expect that level of amazingness from Jonas Brothers, especially their entourage of backup singers and full-fledged band that are just as talented and awesome. It’s funny how I enjoyed that show more as a music appreciator standpoint rather than a mindless headless screaming fangirl. Though, I had my moments as well.

That’s it for now! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a couple more acts.. especially Indonesian ones that I haven’t really discussed but that’s all I can remember for now and I think this is getting too long. Heeeee.

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