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Day 15 – Tell me: How are you like your parents?

Writing this post is sort of difficult, but not in the way you think it is (maybe coz I’m doing it from my iPhone?). I feel like I’m so similar to my parents because I am so close to them and think they’re the best, but at the same time I can’t justify it because I don’t think I can ever live up to their greatness.

More often than not, I believe in zodiac signs. Both my parents and I are Geminis so in a way I feel like it has always been my basis for so many of our similarities. My mom has always been the purveyor of tough love and I know that I definitely got it from her. When I need to motivate, guide or help someone out I empathize with them in a matter that’s quite rough and with a bit of motivating criticism and “reversed psychology”. It depends on how that person takes it. On the other side of the parental spectrum, my dad also gives great advice to people and always seem to have the best words to say, except with matters that are not his own which is something I definitely got from him. If you need advice, come to me, but I can hardly advise myself.

I’m sure there are so many things that I am like my parents, like our obsession with shoes, and comfort + style approach to clothes but I don’t think I can elaborate any further without writing a whole book about it (maybe I should?) so let’s end with the phrase that’s so close to all our hearts whether it be negative, positive, loaded or not, “the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.”

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