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Day 16 – What’s the ____ thing you’ve wanted to do, but haven’t yet?

Sometimes I hate answering questions I have to figure out the question to. This is so weird. What’s the BLAH thing I’ve wanted to do, but haven’t yet? Let’s see.. I think this is going to take a while.

“What’s the sweetest/most romantic you’ve wanted to do, but haven’t yet?” There you have it.

I’ve always wanted to declare my feelings for a guy without having to think about my pride, or what people think, or what my family thinks or what MY MIND thinks. The issue here is, I’m not much of a romantic girl. I can’t act selflessly towards the opposite sex and can never rely on JUST my feelings. I feel like I always need external reinforcement if I wanted to make a decision on matters of the heart. In the near future I hope to be able to do this. Just act selflessly without any fear.. because I don’t think it’s even about rejection because that, I can handle. Showing that I am vulnerable and void of any trait that enables me to show my true feelings is the bigger issue, I think.

Phew, this has becoming more deeper than I thought but one of my goals with doing this blog challenge is to be able to communicate myself better in terms of translating my feelings into words in which I usually have a hard time doing because there are just too many things going on in my head it’s quite hard to keep up with any of it.

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