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Day 17 – Where do you work?

I work in the world’s largest self-publishing company. This is my third job and I’ve been working there for 2 and a half years now. Suffice to say, I’m enjoying it! I’m in Corporate Marketing, particularly in Product Development where we come up with different methods and ways for our authors to publish and market their books, to easily explain it.

I like how my work is so closely related to what I studied in uni and I’m glad it’s something I enjoy as well. It’s an office job without strict hours because we cater the whole world. I guess what I like most about it is despite being a desk job I don’t do the same shit every day, there are different ideas, lots of conceptualizing involved, market research, communication etc etc that if I explain further I’d just be rambling.

Aside from the things we usually do, we just finished developing a magazine app (with a 3rd party developer). It was one year worth of work but there’s still so much to be done and improved. It just doesn’t stop at one point. None of my teammates have a strong background on app development so we had to learn from the ground up. It was pretty fun and a really good learning experience.

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