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Day 18 – Your favorite: Childhood books

The only childhood books I ever remember really loving were the Sweet Valley Kids series. I’m pretty sure I was exposed to a lot of books as a child but Sweet Valley really stuck with me, up until Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley University, The Unicorn Club, SVJH (Sweet Valley Jr. High), Sweet Valley Senior Year, and even Sweet Valley Confidential, in which I posted about here and here.

I remember getting this book during my 6th or 7th birthday. I was so happy. The Sweet Valley series were really a big part of my childhood. Other books that I remember really loving were different kinds of Enid Blyton books and a bit of The Babysitter’s Club as well.

In my early “tweens” I also got into a lot of the Mary-Kate and Ashley franchise which includes their books like Two of a Kind, The Adventures of, and So Little Time collections and TV shows and DVDs. I think I was probably part of driving force on the twins’ rise to fame, stardom and money. Those were simpler times for me and I miss it so.

I probably shouldn’t fail to mention that I read a lot of Encyclopedia when I was young because my mom bought me a condensed version, then at one point I got a full blown collection that was about 26 issues or something. There were A LOT of them and we still have the books up to now. They are very heavy and take a lot of space. Encyclopedia may not have helped me much in the “knowledge” department, but I think it helped a lot with my ability to take in information really quickly and made me a fast learner for some reason. I’d like to attribute my swift learning to that.


  1. I remember this series too. I want to buy Sweet Valley Kids and Twins again but I can’t find them anywhere anymore. Well, unless I buy them online, I think. Do you also read The Babysitter, Little Sister, Nancy Drew and the scary stories of RL Stines?

    • Justine says

      I read a few of The Babysitter’s Club but not much of Little Sister, Nancy Drew and RL Stine. I remember being exposed to those books, though. 🙂

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