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Day 23 – What’s your schedule like?

I like talking about my schedule. I start work mid afternoons usually around 2/3/4pm and I’m out by midnight. I like this schedule for a lot of reasons, I’ve always been a night owl and almost nocturnal so this schedule enables me to sleep late, and wake up late (which is probably the best thing in the world). I get to do bank errands in the morning, or have a late brunch with friends, and I can use whatever break I have at night to have dinner with friends or with family and I wouldn’t be too tired (con: limited time though). On Fridays I get to go straight to a chill night of drinking, or usually a party, whatever is happening that night.

In my previous 8-5 jobs back in Jakarta I would always be guilty of sleeping late (waaay past midnight) and waking up early (at ungodly hours of 5 or 6am), usually getting only 3-4 hours of sleep because I would stay up and catch up on my shows, my feeds, and everything else.. which was caused by reaching home late because of bad Jakarta traffic where I would be sitting my ass in the car for a good 2-3, even 4 hours (H E L L), as if sitting in an office with people you didn’t like wasn’t bad enough. Phew, no negativity. That world is over.

Being back in Cebu, my travel time is 30-40 minutes to work and up to 1 hour with REALLY bad traffic already, and ONLY a good 12-17 minutes going home because midnight = no traffic, no rush hour and HAPPINESS. I have more time to sleep, more time to do yoga, more time to catch up on things. I like it because for me, it’s the best of both worlds, I could never work in a night/graveyard shift setting, and a morning shift would just be uggghhhh (what a way to describe it, right? heh).


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