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Day 27 – Something you miss

If you ask me, generally, I don’t miss my Jakarta life as a whole because I feel like that chapter in my life has already closed. There is a part of that life, however, that I don’t think can be really brought back anymore because of time, age, and individual priorities. It actually just happened here in Cebu, on my birthday week, and that was something I still continue to be thankful for, because it shows what kind of foundation we have as friends, but anyway, I digress.

My best friend Noemi and I live for lazy, uninterrupted weekends where we would just be in one room, do our own thing, lay in bed and waste the day. That’s something we don’t have anymore and I terribly miss it, and the main factor will always be distance. That feeling when you’re not wasting time because you’re not doing anything productive.. that’s a luxury now. Time is gold, things need to be done and life needs to be lived. I miss the times when my Jakarta barkada would spend Saturdays strolling in the mall without any proper goal (and no money, thus no shopping!), hanging out at someone’s house.. one would be playing guitar, someone would be playing video games, the girls would be gossiping, or creating funny videos but we’d all be collectively in one room, united as ever.

They say when you can find someone (or a group of people) with whom you can COMFORTABLY do nothing together with, that someone is a keeper. Whether a best friend, a lover, or just a group of friends, that’s something I truly cherish.

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