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Year Ender

And just like that, it’s December once again. When in the Philippines, it’s a month of Christmas parties, crazy traffic and panic buying. I don’t think I’ll ever get fully used to this culture. Filipinos are so rich when it’s Christmas season and the next thing you know it’s January again and people are back on the grind, working hard for the next holiday season. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all of it.. but having grown up in a country where Christmas is just a holiday, I still get somewhat surprised and ultimately overwhelmed.

The good news is, I’m traveling this Christmas and going back “home” to Jakarta! Funny how things are the other way around now, I used to get so excited about coming home to Cebu during the holiday season. I thought 2014 was going to be the first year I don’t get to travel abroad after a long time, but this Christmas trip saved it. I am one lucky daughter.

I usually try to do a “looking back” entry at the end of the year but I don’t know if I can actually enumerate memories anymore because everything’s gone by so fast. A lot of things happened not only to me, but also to the people around me.

My best friends coming to Cebu for my birthday week was definitely a major highlight, probably for the most part of my life. A good friend also recently gave birth and it’s all so surreal to me, too surreal (!!!!), plus my addiction to makeup is still going on.

I am looking forward to starting the new year but I do admit to be kind of worried. Is the pressure of being in my late 20s getting to me, or is this what they call the quarter life crisis? I thought they made up those feelings to mask being old and irresponsible but now that I am at this age, holy fuck IT IS REAL. Okay this is turning out to be more intense than what I planned.

If ever I don’t get to write here anymore, to you, a Happy Holidays!

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