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The Sunday Currently, v7

I feel like I only ever get to properly blog on Sundays because I’m such a busy mess on weekdays. I might as well start calling this blog Otherworldly Sundays or something, lol. But anyway.. here it is!

A bit better than last Sunday, that’s for sure. I was hospitalized last Monday morning because of my tonsillitis and it turned out I had this thing called Acute Tonsillopharyngitis which is apparently worse because it’s a combination of the two. Right now I’m still experiencing dry cough so it’s a constant battle with my throat still, although it wasn’t as much of a struggle as last week. What a crazy week it was.

I’ve totally fallen out of love and touch with K-pop now, but I still try my best to keep up with the legends and my favorites (aka the ones that got me into it a good 5 years ago). Girls’ Generation always manages to come out with something that shakes up the K-pop world and despite the mixed reviews of enthusiasts and haters alike, I always end up loving it at first listen, like this one.

About a certain someone who is at work right now and I will be seeing very soon. Definitely looking forward to that. It’s a nice feeling when someone fills your days (and nights) with smiles and looks out for you.

The fact that I had a relaxing weekend at home with my sister and spent the whole weekend with just my mom and sister with our usual Saturday night dinners, Sunday lunches and my mom’s amazing homecooked dinner on Sunday evenings. I get so busy during the week that I hardly see them even though we live in the same house so this is a nice back-to-routine weekend activity. Definitely needed it! I feel recharged and ready for the week to come.

I get over this sickness as soon as possible! I can’t be sick like this anymore, especially going towards the end of the month. Nooooooooooo!

I don’t really know what is it with my schedule that everything in my mind has been a crazy mess of interests and activities, or maybe my priorities have simply shifted because I used to have time for these things. Or maybe I am being fed with just so much information every single day that I simply need a time-out? What I’m saying is, I’d like to be able to go back to the old me who was such a TV show enthusiast, catching up on the latest episodes of such great shows and keeping up with the TV world. I also used to be able to try and watch a new movie or two at least every week but now, I hardly have the attention span to finish a 20 minute sitcom and it kind of frustrates me. I guess it’s age as well. Hm.

Need to go back to yoga, stat. I remember one of my first yoga classes almost 2 years ago, I was coughing like hell and it was a bad Savasana because I probably disturbed half of the class. It’s good now because I do it in the office so they’ll probably understand!

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  1. Helga Gabrielle Weber says

    Dry cough is the worst. I’ve had a cough for 2 weeks now but I don’t wanna see a doctor because I don’t wanna take antibiotics again haha. I hope you get better ASAP!

    Helga |

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