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The Sunday Currently, v8

All over the place. I’m sure things will fall into place soon but for now, I’m still quite a mess.

To my June Spotify playlist. It’s a mix of songs I still haven’t gotten over and a few new favorites. I’m really into the whole mixture of ambient and general pop.

I don’t want to be too honest with this one with the first thing that comes into my head. It’s been a rough few weeks but over the weekend I indulged in retail therapy. I bought a new MAC lipstick in Captive so I’m going to put that on my list. I am also loving Bobbi Brown’s Rum Raisin and MAC Del Rio. I feel like I’m going to purchase one of the two soon.

That the next few days, weeks, months will be much kinder to me. The first half of the year was pure bliss and I don’t want the other half to be the complete opposite.

Job postings online. I’ve come to a point where I’m getting restless and actively looking for new opportunities. It may be a phase, or it may be true, but regardless of what it is there really is no harm in trying to expand your professional career.

This entry and a whole lot of job application e-mails. Whatever happens, whether I stay or go, the world will have a way of communicating it to me.

To get lost without being scared, to take risks without worrying about the outcome. I won’t say anymore that I want to be the old carefree me, but I want to be a better me, someone that’s even more braver despite the things that are thrown at her.

A new dose of motivation. Motivation to be more creative, motivation to feed my mind with fresh things, motivation to feed myself with substantial information that’s beneficial for my self-growth. For the most part I’m doing okay.. but I feel like I’ve been a walking zombie with the “just be” outlook on everything. Oh okay, ahhh, alright, oh, wow. That’s me. After everything that happened the past two weeks I’ve been re-evaluating myself A LOT. Things I need to do, things I need to improve on, and things I need to realize in order to be a better version of the current me. I need to feed myself with new information for self-improvement.


  1. I agree with Helga. It’ll get easier as time goes by. Sending virtual hugs along the way 🙂

    Jhanz |

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