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The Sunday Currently, v14

Generally anxious, to be honest. My anxiety levels have been crazy these past few weeks.. ever since I got out of my last hospital visit, actually. I don’t know if it’s just the whole transition to a newer routine, or being scared I’ll get sick again, or just trying to not do anything as to not trigger another crazy event in my life, but I hope I’ll get over this soon. It’s very discomforting.

Right now it’s still The Vacationers by Emma Straub. I’ve been taking my time with this book, I started it at the end of my hospital stay but I haven’t had the chance to finish it yet.

Just finished watching the pilot episode of this show called Life In Pieces. It sort of reminds me of Modern Family sans the whole mockumentary format. I quite enjoyed the first episode and will probably watch the second episode to determine if it’s a show worth following. About to finish watching ep 2 and 3 of You’re The Worst‘s second season.

Boxer shorts and my sister’s black shirt.

That I won’t gain the weight I lost throughout my tonsillectomy recovery process and constant hospitalizations. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t be more glad that I’m ok health-wise (NO JINX!) but now that my normal eating habits are back, I feel like my weight is slowly coming back too. This long weekend hasn’t been helping either. I’ve constantly been out and there’s too much good food around me. Can’t let control get the best of me!

For my period to arrive next week. I’ve successfully finished my last set of pills for my PCOS medical therapy and I am wishing, wishing, wishing that the past 6 months of daily pill-popping was worth it and I can go to regular programming when it comes to my period.

A vacation from myself. Peace of mind.


    • My pill therapy was for 6 months! Honestly I got kind of nervous once it was over coz I was scared I wouldn’t get my period again but here it is, 3 days early. Maybe you should have a talk with your OB again for more options? It will get better!

  1. Yay you got your period na! I sometimes hate my period but I really should just be thankful I’m regular. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have PCOS! I have a few friends who have it.

    Helga |

  2. Aside from control, daily exercises can help too! Even a 5-minute exercise can make a difference! Food is so difficult to resist so just make sure you eat lean! 🙂

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