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Day 8 – A skill you’d love to learn

If only I could reveal my secrets, then I’d also be revealing the skills I’d love to learn. Believe me, there are so many.. so let’s just go with the one that I think about first.

Saving money, definitely. I envy those who have such a good grasp of their finances because honestly, I don’t. It kinda sucks being someone who has so many interests that are not only experiences, but also material things. Sometimes I think I may even need a financial advisor but let’s face it, what’s there to advice when there’s hardly any finance right? Ha ha. This is why I work my butt off.

*cue She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer*


  1. It takes a lot of self control when saving money. I used to have a hard time as well back when i was still in high school but as I enter college I learned keeping a part of my allowance in a hidden part of my wallet and sometimes I place it my books.

    – Tricia Willa | Eccentric Earthling

  2. Kevin says

    Now that I have a three-year old son, this is the first thing I’d like to teach him, primarily because I suck at it, too!

    One thing I’ve learned, Juice: before spending your salary to bills, etc., deduct the amount you want to save first. I’ve been doing it lately, saving it in a secret stash and depositing it in the bank after a month, and it’s really, REALLY effective. It’s probably because I always feel guilty whenever I open the stash (which is becoming rare).

    – Kevin (anongoingnovel)

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