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Day 9 – Someone you’d like to meet

This is a tricky one because it needs a deeper context more than anything else. But for the sake of creating a context for this entry, I would probably say I’m excited to meet that someone in my future. He may or may not exist.. but this year I have told myself that I am ready to be in a relationship. Like a real one.

Despite a few bumps along the way and lots of learning curves, I realized that all the shit that happened didn’t make me want to close myself (as how I usually would) and I’m actually looking forward to meeting that person who will be worth it, forever or not, or whatever. I’m normally not this cheesy on my blog but the entry called for it. Nothing to lose, right?


  1. This post is so deep, yet meaningful. It takes a lot to be able to tell that you’re finally ready to commit yourself into a relationship. I’m glad that you have come into this realization 🙂 Hopefully your true love comes by this year, yes? 🙂 I wish you only the best and the man you truly deserve. <3

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

  2. Mailan Falculan says

    Love is for the courageous. Everyone’s scared of loving and committing nowadays, so you’re one brave woman. Just promise NOT to lower your standards just to find love. It NEVER ends well. I wish you the best. 🙂

  3. I can totally relate to this! 🙁 Sometimes, I get scared though because even though I tell myself I’m already ready, my inner self’s always reminding me I’m not. I don’t think I’m making sense. Anyway, I love this post Justine! Sometimes, the “cheesy-ness” makes things more genuine. <3

    Alyssa of

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