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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v8

    1. Singapore business trip (literally just got home from the airport). I was there for the whole week for work, meeting clients, getting the hang of how our Singapore HQ does stuff and just being exposed to it all. I admit it was pretty overwhelming to me because SG has always been a country where I would relax and unwind but it was the total opposite this time. It was lots of work and no shopping and sightseeing this time but don’t get me wrong, I LOVED IT!
    2. Less haze. The weekend during my arrival, the haze hit an all-time high. When I got out of the apartment on Monday morning, it was still damn hazy and really bothered my throat. I even had a fever during my first day of work! Good thing it gradually reduced and the PSI went way below 100 the past few days. Hope it continues!
    3. Sephora Black Card. They finally upgraded me because I kind of hoarded during my visit last April. I had it delivered to my cousin’s so I didn’t get to see it until last night.
    4. Boost. Why don’t we have Boost in the Philippines? I don’t even like Jamba Juice all that much. Boost is the shit. I had the Skinny Dip which was so good. Now I’m craving for one.
    5. Getting a few hang hours. My trip mostly consisted of work, eating, a little bit of sleep and super limited time up with family and cousins while I was there. Despite the limitations, glad I got to make it work a little!
    6. All the food trips. My bosses and SG girls (co-workers who I have come to really love in such a short span of time) made sure I was well fed and eating all the food didn’t really matter, I would walk it all off anyway. Vietnamese, to the famous chicken rice, all the kaya toasts, and yummy food prepared by my boss’ house help. So good.
    7. THAT ONE HOUR OF SHOPPING. I had to run like mad buying the things I had to buy. It wasn’t really a happy thing when I was panting around Orchard last night but in retrospect it meant that I only had time to buy things I really needed thus totally saving me a good couple of hundred bucks. YAY.
    8. Starbucks SG x Moleskine Planner 2016. My co-worker it to me and I couldn’t be happier. It’s more of a notebook than a planner but it’s so pretty. It’s supposed to be 2016 but I’ve already written so much because of all the client meetings I attended which had a lot of notes.
    9. First-world internet speed. How could I let this slide? It’s self-explanatory.
    10. Body on Me by Rita Ora x Chris Brown. This song has been on repeat non-stop the last week. Won’t even hide it anymore!!!!

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