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The Sunday Currently, v15

Pretty good. My weekend in itself was pretty eventful, and I’m looking forward to conquering another week. Plus, I got a haircut today! A haircut is always a good symbolism of a “fresh start” or an excuse for one, heh.

Single, Carefree, Mellow by Catherine Heiny. I started reading this before boarding the plane and I’m still halfway through it. The good part about reading a book of short stories is that it’s such a breeze to go through, but since it’s too short you don’t get too attached with the characters that it’s easily forgettable. The stories have been more enjoyable than not, so that’s a plus factor.

Black top and pink shorts from earlier today.

I’m trying to pick between these 3 free pilots I downloaded from iTunes last week. Preferably a show where I don’t have to think too much.

OS X El Capitan and the San Francisco font. For my deteriorating 4 year old MBP, I admit upgrading was a bit of a nervous activity. Coming from Yosemite that was super buggy and slow and gave me a lot of beach balls, El Capitan is actually giving me hope that I can save a few more years with this. My previous MacBook lasted a good 4 years with me as well, and I’d like to break that cycle and hopefully not upgrade until it super conks out (HOPEFULLY NOT IN THE NEAR FUTURE).

For a good upcoming week and a good turn of events. Even if things don’t happen the way I imagine it in my head, I hope that I’ll be able to realize that the universe has other plans for me that’s why things didn’t necessarily happen. Whatevs, let’s go with the flow.

About work that’s starting to pile up for this week! Lots of things to do and tasks to complete. Work always makes me happy anyway so I am looking forward to it.

1. My new haircut won’t fail me once I wash it off.
2. Time for a color this Wednesday (hair related, again).
3. Time for a good yoga session.

Ultimate strength and extra resilience.


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