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WARNING: This is going to be a long one because OVERCOMPENSATING! Heee.

I know I haven’t been writing much in this little blog of mine. Even my blog challenge for this year is going down the drain, siiiiigh. It’s something I was trying really hard to complete and not cheat (e.g. scheduling posts) but I realized it could have been more helpful if I did. Anyway.. to start off this life lately entry:

Hello from New York! I’m here for the holidays and all throughout the first half of January so that’s about a month. Still beating jetlag after 5 days and I hope this normalizes soon. It’s funny coz I’m not usually a fan of cold weather and winter in general, but I got used to it way sooner than the whole sleep/jetlag thing. Granted, I was still working during the first Monday after I got here and that helped with actually making me do something as opposed to just sitting waiting for the right time to sleep. Jetlag is a tricky thing, and it is one big mindfuck. The whole falling asleep anywhere I sit during the day is also annoying, but really funny, in hindsight.

My first foray into cold weather for 2015 was when I was in Hong Kong last month with former work friends. Out of all the trips I took this year, that was probably the most planned one. I finally got to visit Disneyland again after 9 years. Also I went there wearing shorts and went home freezing my ass off because little did we know, that it would be the day cold weather officially started in Hong Kong! I also got to meet John Lloyd Cruz in Disneyland during the supposedly opening day of A Second Chance (WHEW) and needless to say I was starstruck. At a local celebrity while overseas. Huh. Funny things happen.

I also finally got to go to Macau! I’ve been to HK more than 5 times but have never crossed over to that infamous city. It was interesting because we had less than a day to do all the touristy stuff so we were on a time crunch. I’d like to visit Macau again when I’m not strapped for time and just sit inside the casino playing digital slot machines. I lost $30 that day. One for experience, right? Someday I will take that back.

Here are some tidbits that I’ll try to fit in bullet points:

  • On Christmas day we head to Manhattan/New York City then to other neighboring states in the East Coast. Excited!
  • My personal life has been all sorts of a little crazy the past few weeks. I’d like to get into detail but then again I can’t.
  • During the middle of the year I was on the hunt for a great planner to end the year / start 2016. Now I have so many I can’t even choose! Also, I left my work and personal planner back in Cebu so naturally I had to buy a new yesterday at TJ Maxx.
  • American supermarkets are the bomb diggity.
  • I’m going to miss first world internet when I leave this place.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with winter. Mostly hate, but if I don’t come to love it I will always be in the losing end.

That’s about it for now! I post photos on my Instagram account. I don’t want to promise to do a year ender post like last year but I will try my best to do another one before the year ends–for my sanity. Merry Christmas and hope you all love a lovely holiday season!


  1. Wow, what a great holiday for you. Hope you had a blast! Also, I had the same dilemma with planners last December, but I finally got to settle for one. 🙂 Can’t wait to read more about your trip (if you’re posting it here). 😉

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

    • Justine says

      Thank you, Mimi! Blast indeed since I haven’t been blogging. Really need to change that and hopefully post more photos soon.

  2. Wait you have another planner? Bought at TJ Maxx (one of most mentioned places in the planner communities sobrang matunog sya hahaha).. I wonder what is it.

    Looking forward to your next photo dump post of your US trip. :’)

    • Justine says

      Yeah I bought a few more haha couldn’t help it! I ended up sticking to my usuals though. TJ Maxx has sooooo many planners I wanted to get them all hahaha

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